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Scheme UK Meeting: 6 Nov 2002

The meeting will be held on 6 November 2002 at the offices of LShift. It will run from 7pm to 9pm.

You need a computer to do the exercises. If you're bringing a laptop please install Dr Scheme on it beforehand. If you don't have a laptop you can probably use an LShift PC; contact Noel to ensure this is ok. If you've let us know you'd like to use an LShift PC we'll take care of installing the software.

You'll be taught by Matt Jadud and Noel Welsh. Matt's doing his PhD in CS Education and has taught Scheme before. We expect to reach around chapter 10 of How to Design Programs.

We plan to run another session next week where we should finish the basics of Scheme. Later sessions (probably December or the new year) will deal with applications of Scheme to web publishing etc. Please let me know if the same time next week causes problems for you.

Finally, I'm thinking of doing a Pizza Express order, either for before we start or halfway through. Any takers?


The meeting went well. We had about 16 attendees and covered upto Chapter 4 of How to Design Programs. Next week we'll be a bit more organised a should go a bit faster. There are two resources online:
Noel Welsh
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