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We are a group of Schemers, the majority of whom are in the Greater London region, but including people throughout the UK. Our interests include just about anything vaguely related to Scheme, covering both practical and theoretical aspects.


We normally meet on the first Wednesday of every month. The next meeting will be on 28 May 2008. Meetings typically run for 2 hours, from 7pm till we go to the pub.


We usually meet at the offices of LShift


Anyone is welcome to come. Just show up at the meeting place.

Mailing List

  • Subscription: email
  • Unsubscription: email
  • Help: email

Other information

We normally grab some food from Shish or Furnace (pizza) about halfway through. We generally decide on the night where to order from, and order food shortly after 7pm; an incentive to be on time!

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