Schematics is software done right, software built on a tradition of over 30 years of Scheme programming, software built by people who care. Only the finest Scheme programmers make up Schematics, and no-one is paid, ensuring we only work for the love of the craft. We use only the best recycled electrons to form our code, and every parenthesis is balanced, every line tastefully indented by hand. This is no Scheme programming sweatshop, such as you'll find in the north-eastern United States, where innumerable young men are forced to work twenty hours a week, or more, to produce code and dissertations. We believe in letting people take the time to do the job right. The results speak for themselves: beautiful, functional code with integrity and honesty.

Take some time to look around the site and see what we're working on, or try some of our code. All our code is free, and comes with a money-back guarantee; if you aren't satisfied for any reason simply delete it and you'll be back where you started.

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